meet the authors

The Breakup Book is a collection of essays written by people who identify as LGBTQ+. Some are sad, some are heartwarming, and most importantly, all of them are deeply personal. Meet the contributors.


Lucy Ellis

They/them Artist and former cowboy, biding their time until the agricultural revolution. Owns an unhealthy amount of velvet clothing and believes breakups are always good in the end.

Ale solis

She/her Ale Solis is a wrong lesbian - because she's into wrong women. She's also a stand up comedian, a spiritual seeker and a self published author.

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TB hunter

She/her They/them Libra/Scorpio sun, Aries rising, Leo moon. Resident of Durham, NC by way of Dayton, Ohio. They travel whenever they can. She is painfully honest, blunt, and up-front. They are also non-confrontational and direct. She has three degrees (BS, MA, MPH) and is working on her licensing for counseling. ENTJ/INTJ, she consistently scores 50/50 on left- and right-brained tests, masc./fem., ambivert, ambidextrous. She is a womanist—if you don't know what that is, look it up. They love to sew, woodwork, garden, being outside, bold beers, dogs, and profane language. Their side hustles are photographer and podcast host (Guess Who's Coming).


Vari Joan

They/them Non-binary, queer, leftist who loves a lot and considers close friendships just as important as romantic partners. Thinks love is a form of justice and break-ups are a part of finding the relationship dynamics that work for love. Let's start a queer commune and get angry about accessibility together.



Eileen Winn

They/them Eileen Winn is a highly anxious Midwesterner looking for love in all the places where cats are welcome. They’re an agender piece of work with all the best intentions and a propensity for true crime, close up photos, and fancy cocktails. Will: call you kiddo, respond to your texts, do yoga in the park with you. Will not: understand half your references, stop folding down the corners of book pages, shy away from the Florida sun.

Buddy Jay Rader

They/them Prefers fishnets and leather over  jeans or sweaters. Clearly some sort of hybrid-fire-sign astrology jargon. Hates beaches. Hates sand. Prefers short walks at night in the woods.


Elaine Schleiffer

She/her Elaine is a tightly wound community organizer who makes burnout look like a lifestyle. She has no use for the Kinsey scale, and her pet peeve is when people define her sexuality based on what her current partner looks like. She likes to yell about abortion, swim in lakes, and pet her dog, Lawn Mower.

Ronan Schade

He/him Ronan is a Cleveland native and graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelors in Creative Writing. He spends too much time day dreaming about Greek Mythology and is the definition of a Victorian Romantic, most of which he imparts upon his fiance. He loves finding new ways to express his identity creatively, but writing will always feel like coming home to him.



Noelle Richard

They/them Short bald nonbinary cap with eyebrows better than your ex's. Please leave me alone—no really, leave me alone.

bj colangelo

She/her Unashamed femme bottom with a penchant for horror movies, professional wrestling, paying for porn, sucking at video games, amish romance novels, pissing off people on the internet with her writing, kettle corn, and nuanced discussions about everything PrObLeMaTiC. Bad dyke who doesn't believe in astrology, despises cancel culture, and doesn't own a cat. Looking for friends since she's monogamous and committed to her amazing transgender girlfriend. Please don't ask to be their unicorn.



They/them (mostly) tender. butch energy. still trying to decide which black crew neck t-shirt to sleep in tonight.

M Mock

They/she/whatever Triple Leo with a propensity for toeing the line. A lover and a fighter—but really more of a lover. Never not working the room. Big on the little things. Always choosing the path of most resistance.



Seth Troyer

He/him An artist with too many plates spinning at once. Trying to be present in the presence of transitions. A lover of comics, sex, queerness, science fiction and the things that may or may not unite them.