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Queer writing


Outsiders is dedicated to providing accessible writing support to queer writers in the Midwest by hosting an annual inclusive writing retreat in Southern, Ohio.

Through building community and giving writing workshops, writers can leave the retreat feeling more equipped to finish projects and use their LGBTQ+ identities to positively influence their writing.

Lou Barrett and Siaara Freeman are accepting donations for the Outsiders Queer Writing Retreat through an Indiegogo Campaign. You can preorder the anthology that will be published following the retreat by donating to the campaign. Lou and Siaara want to make the retreat financially affordable for attendees so they are raising funds to help fund the retreat including paying for things like; the cabin, workshop leaders, food, etc. You can read more about what their doing and consider donating by checking out their campaign.

Read our coverage in PRIZM magazine.

Event Details

The Retreat is scheduled for September 2019.

Deadline for submissions is August 12, 2019. Eight writers will be selected based on their writing sample and cover letter.

No cost to attend.




Please submit a 2–3 page sample of your favorite writing. Not what got published. Not what you perform. Your favorites.

Please submit one page about how you will benefit from going to the first annual Outsiders Queer Writing Retreat:

What kind of writing do you do? (What are your top two genres?)

What would you like to learn?

What do you hope to gain from the retreat?

What do you plan to give to the retreat?

What are your goals as a writer?

How does your queer identity affect your writing?

In order to be considered for the Outsiders Queer Writing Retreat, you must purchase the 25 dollar submission fee in the Purpled Palm Press shop.

We are doing this in lieu of having a Submittable account. Email your receipt along with your submission or in a separate email. Just make sure you state your name so that we can match the fees with the submissions.

Writers will be contacted about their submissions by the end of July.

Submit cover letters and samples to